Urgent: Looking for a Webflow dev with solid background in UI/UX

Hi everyone,

We have a new project for which we need a Webflow dev with 1-2 years experience, and a solid background in UI/UX.

Please see the following website: iot-academy.webflow.io

This project was finished a while ago, and the current project which I’d like to discuss will be of a similar size and type. It’s a webshop built with Webflow CMS, and we use the Shopify Buy Button widget to allow users to buy products from the website. The Webflow CMS and Shopify are tied together using the following method (it’s quite easy): https://help.webflow.com/article/how-to-dynamically-embed-shopify-products-with-webflow-cms

The new project will need the following pages:

•	Home page
•	About us page
•	Contact page
•	Contact thank you element
•	Webshop category page
•	Webshop detail page
•	Story overview page
•	Story detail page
•	FAQ 
•	Terms & Conditions
•	404 error page

Important notes:
• You only need to convert the design to Webflow.
• For all of the above pages you also need to create both a Dutch and English version + separate CMS collections, similar to how IoT academy works.
• The design + content will be provided by us in PDF/Illustrator/Sketch format.
• Also we will have a few elements that we would like to see animated using Webflow IX designer.
• It needs to fully responsive, according to your own insight.
• Site structure is important. Try to adhere to standards as much as possible, make use of logical class names, use appropriate HTML elements. Use Flexbox where applicable.
• Fill in SEO fields (also for dynamic pages) according to provided content + your own insight.

The website needs to be finished in about 1 or 2 weeks, and I think this should be possible considering the design will be provided.

If you are interested in this project, please send me an email. Doesn’t need to be a super long motivated email. I just need to know the following:

• Please provide me a quote for the pages. You can use the IoT academy website as a baseline.
• Out of curiosity for other projects: do you have experience with JavaScript, and integrating APIs? If so, please elaborate on your experience.
• A few portfolio items:)

Please send an email to: development@cloudrocket.co

Hi Nick,

Just wondering if you guys found a dev for this project? Thanks.


Hi Christian,

I found one but I’m always looking to have more Devs in my network for new projects.

Could you show me a portfolio?

No worries. Check this out www.wearepresentation.com.au