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[URGENT]: Custom Attributes + Interactions = Trouble (Sucks hard)

Hey there,
My goal is to trigger an Interaction (Scale, Opacity etc.) plus a Custom Attribute command on click (Udesly Audio Player).
The Problem: Both do not seem to get triggered if both are applied on one object.
Please give me the hint I’m missing! (in preview mode it works well with the interaction because the custom attribute is not rendered)

If this is doomed to be impossible – I’m open for alternative workarounds. The original intention: Udesly Audio Player only works when pressing two times on the button – so the entire thing is more of a compensation but similar situations occurred many times.

You might need to sign in (free / memberstack trial) if you want to check out the published version. The one that is helping me out will be a free member forever if he/she wants.


Here is my public share link: