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Upload JPEG2000 or other WebP formats to Webflow?

Did they announce support for any of the new image or video formats? I didn’t see anything - but I didn’t attend either.

@plschneide ~ They did not. :frowning: There’s also AVIF as mikeyevin mentions that supposedly has even better compression. Haven’t tested it yet.

Jeff mentions that he hosts his media with Cloudinary and it’s a really nice service. I might get away with using the free account that they offer, but I can see me capping the limit eventually. I love the service they offer, but just kinda sucks to have to pay to serve optimized images.

Don’t know how involved the technology is behind the scenes, but I hope it takes traction soon. I feel it’s very important. We obtain faster speeds and the end-user saves money. Interesting that this has not been a high priority.

I know it’s mostly due to browser support and the giants have to play nice with each other, but it still should be a high priority to all browser companies. It was barely in late 2019 that Apple decided to support webp and IE is not on board… so we’ll just have to wait and see. :persevere: