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"Upload failed. There was a problem signing the asset."

Hi Webflow Team/Community,

I am in the midst of building my site and have repeatedly encountered the error “Upload failed. There was a problem signing the asset.”.

I’ve tried the process on both Mac and Windows, different browsers across the OS-es, incognito mode with extensions turned, cleared my cache, etc and got the same result.

Please advise on what I can do to facilitate the uploading of my portfolio as it is hard to visualise what’s working and not using repeated pictures as placeholders.

Best regards,


I have the same issue since the last 2 days

Hi Praneet,

I realised that the naming of the file could be the problem. My file names were generally pretty long and had a mixture of numbers and all CAPS. I omitted some parts of the file name and it worked.

Do give this a try and let me know if it works for you.

If it doesn’t, try something else and let me know if it does.

Might help me with uploading my assets as well.

Best regards,



Thank you so much!!! This worked. I cant believe that the problem was so simple :pensive:

Solved my issue as well (was uploading a file to a CMS collection, size below the Webflow limit but title was quite long), thank you!