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Updateable Expedition Map


I have a customer who is wanting a map that shows the route of an expedition that also updates based on where the expedition has got to, as well as pointing out areas of interest along the route.

Has anyone ever outsourced something like this, and if so, who did you use?

First relfex is using a 3rd party embeded map, because your client’s need sounds precise enough for you to provide a rich solution. go explore what Google maps “My maps” has to offer. I use My Maps often and can place zones, routes, points of interest etc. Within Webflow, that will be a custom code embed. Very easy.

A Webflow only solution is possible, with nice markers for the map, as long as it can be edited within the designer.

A Webflow solution using CMS and Editor may be possible but it requires a bit of thinking :slight_smile: Did you draft and example? Also knowing the exact list of features the map must have is necessary to advise you efficiently.


Thanks Vincent, My Maps might just be what we are after. Will have a look at it in more depth later.

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