Update Webflow to Lottie Player version 5.7.11

A question to Webflow : is this possible to update the Lottie player ?
Lottie has supported features that Webflow has not.
I guess this is because, as seen in this post by @Thomas_92 , Webflow is currently using the 5.5.0 version of the player, although Lottie player is in 5.7.11.
Maybe it would be a good solution to just reference the script as cdnjs.com/libraries/bodymovin instead of the version of the script, as explained on Lottie page ?

Thanks !

I have these kind of warning
Capture d’écran 2021-06-21 à 17.26.51

Actually, what I said about the script referencing an old Lottie version and the post about Lottie has not a lot to do with the problem of unsupported JSON files…
Anyway, this can still be a problem with the version of the player, if not, I don’t understand why some elements are unsupported… (these JSON files work locally with the Lottie player)
Does someone can explain to me ? Thanks

Hi Alexandre — thanks for your feedback. We just shipped the latest version of the library, so you should be seeing 5.7.11 in the next Designer load, and in the next site publish for sites using Lottie.

Also, if you notice any issues please let me know :pray:



Great thanks ! It seems like I can import things I couldn’t before :slight_smile:


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