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Unwanted text change in linked div blocks

I was trying to use the feature of converting the div block into a link so it could be clickable and transfer me to another page.

It worked great- the only problem I am facing that it also converts the text I have inside the div to a linked one- with a not so flattering strip underneath

Bottom line- how could I make a div with a text inside clickable without changing the text.

Thank you very much for your future help!

I appreciate it :slight_smile:


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Hi Gal,

I think I get what you’re saying…

To fix this issue I have a class called like ‘link text’ that I apply to any text that is inside a link block. This removes the underline and changes the font colour to the body font colour. Which can be set in the style panel.

Hope this helps (or ive missed the mark)


Hi kane,

Thanx for your quick answer!

It sounds like the solution I have been looking for lol

do you know where can i find a visual tutorial maybe? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I use the Decoration buttons within Typography