Unable to find to dialogue boxes to input the data from the CMS


I need to import images that I have imported into CMS. But when I import a div block with an image element, it does not provide me with the option to select from my CMS.

Please help.


If you’re talking about a div with an image background, select it and go to the Settings tab (after the Style tab) and check the purple options at the top. One is for getting a background image from the CMS.

Hey Vincent. As you can see here, I dont find the purple options.


you can only get items from a cms when your on the cms page or use a CMS collection list.

Hope the video explains enough good luck :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

I am now unable to reduce the spacing between the 2 and also the alignment of the bottom part is not perfect. How can I fix that?