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Unable to edit HTML embed content when it renders as zero height

There used to be a little gear icon at the right hand side of the HTML embed labels, which enabled it to be edited even when the embed renders non-visible HTML (e.g. an INPUT TYPE=hidden element).


That’s disappeared recently and with that removed, there doesn’t appear to be any other way to access the HTML embed popup dialog, other than forcing the embed to a false height so it can be double-clicked on.

Here’s a run through of the different ways I’ve tried triggering the edit window, is there a new method or hotkey I haven’t found?

The preferred option I think would be to trigger element properties when you double-click directly on the element label icon-


Or double-click the bottom navigation element


Or double-click the tree navigation element


Right-click menus with a “Settings…” option in all 3 places would be great too.


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Hi @memetican, thanks for your report, I am not sure if there has a been a change to the embed, I will need to check how that was working before. I will check that and get back to you.

In the meantime, after selecting the embed from the navigator, the embed can be edited from the settings panel:

57 AM

When I have more info, I will let you know. Thanks in advance.

Oh fantastic, I completely forgot to check there.
I’d love to see the right-click menus support element Settings access, but this gets me where I need to go.

Thanks Dave and happy holidays buddy.

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Thanks @memetican, glad to hear that helped, I will find out about the edit settings icon for those embeds, I am not sure, but will find out. Happy holidays to you too :slight_smile:

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