"Unable to connect paypal account" error — never had PP connected

Hey all,

I just started getting this error message when I open up one of my projects, but I’ve never had paypal connected to start with, so not sure why I’m getting it?

Hmm. Does this mean that we are going to have Paypal support as a payment method soon? Happened to me as well. :slight_smile:

Yep – same here …

Hi, there! :wave:

Thanks posting about the Paypal account message, I can imagine that is alarming!

Rest assured though, it was just an error that our team has quickly identified and pushed a fix.

Please, let me know if the issue persists as we’d be happy to take a look for you. :webflow_heart:


Still happening here. Appears randomly, regardless of the project I’m working on.

Just started happening here as well :frowning:

Heyo @path @paco

We have a fix incoming now — thanks for your patience! :bowing_man:

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Appearing for me too

I’m still getting the PayPal message as well.

Hi @mick.wieland @exciteus @path @paco

Has the issue been resolved for you now?

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Seems to have stopped, thanks

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Yes, apparently it’s stopped. Thanks!

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