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Unable to Auto Scale image based on SLIDER load [solved]

I must figure out how to make image autoscale PER slide refresh.

The following video example simulating the effect with 'HOVER 5000ms" interaction:

How do you Auto scale based on SLIDER refresh only?

Basicially, I want the Hero product shots (entree) on left side to auto scale on slider refresh as simulated in the video.

Here you go :

Edited WebDevForYou’s project for exactly what you wanted

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Hi @miekwave,

When you select the slide element 03 and you go to the interactions panel, you’ll see that you can add an interaction that the ‘slide’ triggers: 19

With that chosen, you can create an interaction when the slides comes into view, and when it goes out of view.

Don’t forget to add a delay for the time it takes the slider to go into view.
Here’s an example:

And you can clone:

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Thank you! This resolved it.