Unable to access Editor Mode


I’m having trouble accessing the Editor Mode for my site. I can enter the Designer mode without any issues, but when I attempt to switch to Editor mode, it fails to load, and I’m presented with the following error message: ‘Request is malformed: Missing locales in CMS Query.’

Two other accounts, both with Editor access, have encountered the same problem and have made attempts to resolve it using Incognito mode and different web browsers, all without success.

The Editor Mode was functioning perfectly in the past and remains operational for all other websites within my Workspace, except for this one.

Any solutions? Thanks (-:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Small Giants Academy


Based on the error message alone, it sounds like a localization bug. Webflow’s in the middle of a big rollout so a lot of things are breaking.

I’d contact support- in general if you get added to the localization beta, some of these issues appear to be resolved there.

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We have the same issue with one of our websites. Hope it gets resolved soon.

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Just had the exact same bug, cant log into the editor at all, shown a red warning ‘request is malformed’ need a fix asap please

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Ran into the same issue this morning during an onboarding to the Editor with a client. Really awkward. Still can’t get into the Editor 6 hours later. Other (new) editors can’t access the it either. Any work arounds??

Edit: The Editor for other sites we’re working seem available. It’s just this one we’re having issues with.

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Dear Webflow Team, please increase the urgency on this task. I have been unable to access the Editor as a client for the entire day!
We do not have any localization on the website.

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same problem here, hope it get resolved fast

Same problem here. Good luck to us all


Same problem here. The client has been pressuring me all day :frowning:

I’ve submitted a ticket to support with this thread.

For anyone posting here, please include your webflow.io URL.
That contains your shortname, which is how support quickly ID’s sites;

e.g. for the OP, it’s-

Its extremely annoying. I have clients looking for my website. I hope WF get this sorted

read-only Link:

Same thing here


Same problem. This is a county website. We are required to notify the public of upcoming public meetings and are unable to update the website to do so.


Do you have a ticket number you can share?

I created a ticket for good measure, 475377. I linked to this article to let them know many others are having the same problem.

site link : Webflow - Parsanavidi

Mine’s 474945, but I am not sure they have a means to cross-reference them.