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Typography not visible in iPhone or iPad

I have a custom font loaded in my site. I have all formats of the font - ttf, otf, etc… but the typography is not showing on iPad or iPhone, only on desktop. Please help! This is my portfolio and I need this online asap!

link to site:

Can you please tell all the formats?
Where does the font come from?
Did you download the web font pack or did you generate it from a ttf or otf?
Can you please post a screen capture of your Custom Font list of your dashboard?

So far I think I don’t see any custom font on desktop either. If it’s Foreplay, it definitively don’t show up on Chrome Mac either.

PS that turtle is so cute!

Thanks Vincent for replying!

Turns out I had to delete my .otf file and then re-upload it and then re-publish. I contacted help and they told me. Also thank you for the turtle comment - that is my intention - for visitors to have that “Awww” feeling upon entering the site. Studies have shown that cute baby animals cause people to transfer those warm and fuzzy feelings to the site or product they are viewing with it. :smile:


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