Typography - MIN & MAX settings

I’d like to apply Min/Max settings to the actual font size and hight inside of a div too!

We all love the granular control Min/Max settings offer to manipulate div sizes at any given dynamic screen size.

If I’ve set the div to a MAX size and the typography inside it is set to scale with VW (because I want it to scale dynamically based on screen width), when the viewers screen is large the site will start to look broken as the font keeps growing and the div stays at its Max size.

Add an Advanced view to the typography styler that exposes MIN & MAX for size and hight of a font.

That would be cool. Use custom code with the clamp CSS function. Use it in an Embed component on the page so you can see the effects right in the designer.

.clamped {font-size: clamp(1rem, 2.5vw, 2rem)}