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Typographic Masonry Grid


Am looking to emulate the typographic masonry grid seen here.

I am having trouble ensuring content from a single project stays in a single column, is there some way that I can signal to the browser to keep specific content from wrapping onto the next column?

As alternatives I have tried the webflow grid (doesn’t do masonry) and plain divs (but unsure how to reorganize content from 3 col to 2 col for tablet)

It’s important this method can also scale down to 2 columns on tablet and 1 for mobile.

Thanks for any help!

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This is what Im looking to achieve:

May I suggest…

It won’t go to two columns on tablet because there is plenty of room. You can format it otherwise though.

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Thanks for your answer — ended up not scaling back from 3 cols to 2 for tablet.

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