Two website I have done... what do you think?

Thank you for comments… :blush:


Nice work!

I particularly like the restaurant page - nice use of imagery and fonts (Good Vibes is a personal favourite of mine too!).

Keep it up

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I would pay $5000 to have this Great work!

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Really like the Ilfaro restaurant website, modern, elegant and clean.

What I would suggest is disable zooming in the maps. Deleting unused classes/styles as it is a big chunky when scrolling. If you are a PRO user, I would also suggest to minify Css. You can minify Html as well by pressing the command Crlt+o exporting.

Well done

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Thank you very much Daniel :wink: for your comments and your instructions, I appreciate it very much.

Thank you :+1: very much Evan !!!

The sites are really nice. Just a thought f you have access to Photoshop. I would suggest optimising the images as small in size (but still good quality jpegs) as you can, so that the site loads quicker. Use Save for Web. It is surprising how small (100k) they can go without losing integrity to the pixel width and depth. You can check on screen in this facility before making the web images so that the images are not pixelated and still look really good.

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Thank you so much Fiona for your advice and for your comment. :blush:

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment.
This work is derived from a template purchased on WebFlow and adapted as needed using my taste in the choice of the photographs (purchased) and general approach of all. In my opinion, great looking pictures are something very important in creating a work together with the whole context, and I’m learning…
When you want we can do business together joy ha ha ha … thanks again.

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I love the restaurant one a lot! Do you have a clone that I can use so I can duplicate the effects?


It’s based on a template I bought from Webflow… thank you.


Restaurant page - WELL DONE :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

Beautiful Restaurant Website!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Both nice, but that restaurant website is really cool :wink:


Thank you very much :blush: