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Two column hero section in grid (calc)

Hi guys, first off thank you all for your time and support. I’m trying out Webflow for the first time to see if is worth making the switch from WordPress. So far it has been a blast, but there is one point at which I’m stuck.

I’m trying to create this hero section:
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-27 om 15.32.29

It consists out of two columns, or blocks, or divs. However, the right column has to stick to the right and top of the viewport (with the hotel room photograph set as background image) and the left column has to stay in the grid of 1140px.

In WordPress I used to fix this with a calc formula like:

.left_column {
padding-left: calc((100vw - 1140px) /2);

But I cannot seem to figure it out in Webflow. Is there anyone who could give me some solid advice?
Here is the link to my project: Webflow - Gulden Waagen Project