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Twitter 'follow' functionality for custom social button

Hi all, I’ve put in a custom graphic in as my twitter icon to match the rest of my site (, but rather than just linking to my twitter page I’d like it to have twitter ‘follow’ functionality. I don’t want to use the standard webflow/twitter icons as it doesn’t match my site. Any ideas about how I can acheive this?

Start with the official links generator and alter the generated code to suit your design afterwards

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thanks Vincent - i think you’re over-estimating my skills! Unsure how to customise code/where to put it!

What about YOU’re underestimating yourself? :wink:

Ok let’s do that step by step. Can you share your public link?
Learn how to do it here:

Then follow the link I gave you and generate the code you need and paste it here.

We’ll proceed from there.

Haha - thanks Vincent. public link is here:

Don’t forget the second part of the assignment :-1:

-> Then follow the link I gave you and generate the code you need and paste it here.

Guessing it’s this code: Follow @EnraptureM

hmm ok - when i type the code it just adds the command! Now where do i paste it to associate it with the twitter image?

It has an < in front of it!

a href=“” class=“twitter-follow-button” data-show-count=“false”>Follow @EnraptureM

Ok, I’ve looked into that and it’s not as simple as I thought (: Twitter generated button works with a script, it’s not like you can swap an image.

I’ve looked for methods but most of them involved hiding twitter buttons and put a different one under it.

Ah well, thanks vincent - that’s the least of my problems at the moment. Two other site issues which are design problems rather than ‘nice to have’… argh!