Twitcker - Twitter Marquee Webflow Integration

I am attempting to to integrate this Twitcker scrolling twitter marquee into my webflow portfolio website @ (,

The Twicker Service is asking following in the set-up / settings screen prior to exporting the code,
" Enter the the ID of your HTML container element from your website, to display your Twitcker inside that container. If your container element e.g. looks like <div id="wrapper-twitcker"></div> then place wrapper-twitcker into the input below."

Can someone explain to an amateur what this means and how to integrate with my Webflow Site!? Is this possible to integrate? Sorry if this is a basic question but it is a feature I would love to integrate into my website!

It would be really cool to have it scrolling over top of the images on my main page… at the top of the screen with a transparent background… further it would be cool if “pinned tweet” would show in red and repeat every 5 or so tweets with the most recent as solid 100% color and then fading as they get older… to 5 and then repeat… I think this would be done on the Twitcker side … so I will ask about this there… but step one is just integrating it and testing if it works…

This is part of my larger site functionality / mechanic I hope to build out based off my own concepts as well of that of to integrate social media / various sources and “plug them into” my website as a sort of centralized hub…

Yeah. a lot to explore for an amateur.
Please wish me luck and thank-you for any help / advice in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Once you select an element, you’re able to apply an ID using the settings panel on the right. Hope that helps!