Tweaking classes with custom code

Ok, so a super basic “how do you use custom code question here”. The lightbox element on webflow is great, except I’m desperate to remove the ‘x’ symbol in the top right. When I go into the inspector it seems like this element is represented by:

< div class=“w-lightbox-control w-lightbox-close” >

and all I have to do via developer tools is change it to:

< div class=“w-lightbox-control w-lightbox-close” style="opacity: 0;” >

for me to get the desired effect. So my question is, can I add some custom code into my header which will demand that all div blocks with the class “w-lightbox-control w-lightbox-close” have zero opacity? I have no idea how to do this and would really value help from anyone.

Many thanks,

Hello @YazAsh,

You can try add a CSS rule like so into the header custom seaction of your project:

.w-lightbox-control.w-lightbox-close {
  opacity: 0 !important;

Hope that helps.

You’re a legend thank you so much!