Tutorial:add Client logo for social proof *help*

Hi guys, first time posting just started using webflow last week.

im stuck on adding client logos to my webpage.

This link is really helpful but it doesnt show how to prepare client logo’s in url format.

so far I have

  • found an Ai file online of a client i worked with
  • exported as .svg from illustrator

I need to have it in URL form like the csv file.

Would appreciate any help.


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Hey Kenzo - welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

I believe I understand your question — you’re trying to figure out how to get the URLs of each image/logo like you see in the video, correct?

If so, you could approach this a couple of ways:

  • Upload your images onto a third-party hosting system (like Imgur), grab the URL of the uploaded file, and then paste that into your CSV. You’ll be ready to import at this point!

OR, if you wanted to keep your images in Webflow (similar solution, but everything is in one place):

  • Upload your images to the Webflow Assets panel, grab the URL of the uploaded file, and then paste that into your CSV. Same process, just in one platform.

To grab the URL of an image/asset from the Webflow Assets panel, just upload your client logos to the Assets panel, hover over it once uploaded, click the gear icon, and then click the small arrow (with box around it) that appears right next to the file name. That’ll take you to the URL where that file is hosted, which you can paste into your CSV. See the screenshot below for more context!


Hope this helps! Write back if you have any other questions!

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Hi Matt!

Thanks for the reply. I ended up doing it manually, creating a collection list, with the two fields (logo/name) and adding images one by one.

It seems webflow doesn’t want to read .svg files exported in the csv file.

I tried with the document they gave and my own client file I exported from CMS.

For the logos, I just exported as .svg from illustrator and added into the cms, worked perfectly :slight_smile:


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Awesome! If I’m reading correctly, your issue is resolved now, correct?

yes its been sorted out, thanks!