Trying to make nested CMS content 'bleed' on mobile

I’ve created a table consisting of 4 boxes of content (icons + text) using a CMS collection. This table appears (via a CMS reference) with different content on pages of another CMS collection.

What I would like to achieve is that the table remains full width on tablet / mobile, but ‘bleeds’ to the edge of the device. Only the table container should be scrollable, but the rest of the content should maintain the padding of the parent-container. You’ll see on my read-only link below that I’m pretty close, but for some reason the texts in the block above the table are also bleeding off the edge of the phone, which is obviously not desirable.

This is what I’d like to achieve:

Can anyone please help me spot what the issue might be?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Design for Health

I should also have said that, of course I want to be able to scroll the rest of the table, horizontally, into view on mobile. So the bleed is the affordance that there is more content there to see…

Still trying to find a solution to this if anyone can help at all?