Trying to have a tab menu link go to a web page instead of open a tab. I can't change the link

Hey everyone, I’m trying to have a tab menu link go to a web page instead of open a tab. I can’t change the link from opening up the tab at all. This is what I mean :slight_smile:

Video of me explaining it

Thank you to everyone that can help me out! Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Austin, can you try adding an embed in there somehow and then adding a div inside something like this

<div onclick="location.href='/cloud';>Whatever text and other html you need</div>

I believe I tried it and it didn’t work. Could you say it more elaborate at all? Idk how to get a div from Webflow into an embed or vice versa

You can add an “HTML Embed” Element and then isnide you can write that piece of code I shared changing the /cloud to whatever URL you need and adding anything else that you want inside or adding any other classes.

I found another solution using some custom code. Dropping it here for future readers.

I also really like @Incognito_Agency’s solution. The only real difference between my solution and there’s is that my solution does not change the tab onClick. If you don’t care about that, then go with Incognito_Agency’s solution.