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Trying to figure out responsive web design


So I am looking into the VW/VH/EM method trying to understand it. What does the V stand for? Is this method used by everyone? Can you send me a link to explain the following a little better? “It is very easy to use though you must understand one very important concept. This is not like percentage in Webflow, if you have a div that is 5vw and 5vh it will not be a perfect square, this is because most monitors now days are rectangles and the width does not exactly match the height. Rather to make a square you would have to do 5vw and 5vw (for height) and the same with VH.”

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sure thing, I was a little confused at first glance to. A lot of designers I know use the new measurements. Yet again it is on personal preference. The VW/VH/EM is fairly new to web design in general and a lot of designers have yet to switch from px to the new system. The benefit with the new ststem is that it supports full monitor sizes and as a result improves the design of your website and the UI in some cases. I tend to prefer the new measurements because although it might take more time it will easily adapt to all screen sizes and will always be responsive leaving you with less problems to deal with on the future. What really helped me was this link https://webflow.com/blog/how-and-why-to-use-vh-and-vw-in-webflow If you still need help be sure to contact and I could teach you further on how to get to know the measurements better [obviously I will do this for free] . Hope this helps. :grinning::wink:

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Fantastic. Thank you! :hatched_chick:

@irishdesigner Yup, be sure to send me a private message if you need further help as to not keep a solved post in the Forum circulating. :wink::grinning::blush::smile:

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Sure thing. Thanking you :evergreen_tree:

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