Trouble with Carousel Extending Fully Vertical remaining responsive

Hi Everyone,

So I’m having trouble having my carousel extend the full height of the section I created and keeping it responsive to the desktop breakpoint. So this is my desired outcome:

However that doesn’t translate when the window is shrunk and creates this awkward gap below the image. Shown below:

I would love some advice and help on this.
Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of The Tenth Academy

Hello @Ariana_Garland,

So your slider, carousel, will only extend to 85vh (from div 14), so if your text is not longer than 85vh your image will cover the full section, however if your text content on the other column exceeds 85vh (since it is on pixels) you will have the gap below the image. A quick fix I would suggest would be to make the text more responsive so it never gets “taller” than your image. I hope this helps.