Trouble getting images to load on published website

Hi there!

I created a new site, and it looks great in designer and preview, but once I publish it, the floating images don’t show. I do know they exist because I can open the images in new tabs, they just don’t show on the site.

*They only float around on desktop but should be visible on desktop and tablet. They are hidden on mobile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Here is the published site: (

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - TBL New Site #2)

It seems that the floating images on your newly created site are not showing up once it’s published. However, you can still open the images in new tabs, indicating that they exist. The issue might be related to the responsive design of your site, as the images only float on desktop and should be visible on both desktop and tablet. They are intentionally hidden on mobile devices. To address this problem, you could review the CSS styles and media queries applied to the images to ensure they are properly displayed across different devices.

This doesn’t work for me in designer mode either. When I check your file it says that no image has been defined.

Thank you! This helped me fix the problem. Yes, for some reason, the images weren’t defined, so I had to reselect them. I attached a couple of screenshots so people can see the slight differences.

Just click on Choose Image and then reselect the image you want. It will change to this: