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Transition problem

Hello Webflow community

I’m new at webflow and just finished a project to train. I’ve got a little problem and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I have an interaction on a link which opens a modal that I have built myself. When I click on the button link .GalleryImageLink, it opens the modal with an animation on opacity and move. Then I make the whole lightbox clickable to close the modal with an interaction also, that repositions the modal at it’s original position. The problem is that, if I open a modal once, than close it, and then re-open it, the modal hasn’t changed it’s position to the initial state. Can’t find what I did wrong, could someone please help me?

Here’s the link to the project :

Thanks a lot

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Ok so I just solved my problem :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t moving the same element on opening and closing, fixed! But as I’m here, I’ve got something else which I would like to fix. When I rollover the gallery items, I have info that shows up, and there’s an interaction to make it disappear, which is set to “on rollout”. But When I close the lightbox, it doesn’t detect the fact that i rolled out. How could I fix this?