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Transition Flickering on hover

Can anyone tell me why when you hover over some of the project cards on my homepage the car flickers? I have a transform set on the link block and on hover it rotates 2 degrees and moves up and to the right -3px - but there’s a short flicker over the image/text sometimes when the card is first hovered over. I can’t figure out why. Thanks

Here is my public share link: Steve Dillon Designs

Tell your card (project-link-block ), where it comes from and not only where to go. I guess, sometimes it is not able to remember its origin :stuck_out_tongue:

transform: rotateX( 0deg ) rotateY( 0deg ) rotateZ( 0deg ) translate3d(0, 0, 0);

Hope that helps!

Ahhh! That makes sense! I wouldn’t have thought to do that, it seems to have fixed it. Thanks very much!