Transcribing a youtube video I uploaded

I gathered information from various instructional videos and put together my own compiled work. I uploaded the video to youtube on one of my channels. Now I want to download the transcription. I can not find where I need to click to do that. Now, since I own the channel, I can edit settings accordingly but I can not find where to do that either. Here is the link as a reference:

Maybe there is a software tool you can recommend that will produce a transcript of a video or mp4 file.

There is no download feature I’ve found, but there are a few approaches you can use.

Feed the audio (only) to an AI. GPT used to be able to do this, but others like and do as well. This gives you some control over formatting.

There are many. You download the subtitles as TXT, SRT, CSV…
Problem is they tend to be structured as timestamp, 5 words, timestamp, 5 words… so you’ll likely need some form of post-processing. Perl is good for that.

Incidentally, let me know what you’re trying to build with it. I have been thinking of building a Webflow-integrated player which has the ability to show the transcripts adjacently.

The goal is 50% SEO value, and 50% UX value- clicking the transcript seeks to that point in the video.

So the link to view the transcription is kind of hidden on youtube. It is part of the summary of the video.