Token Expiration? - 401 Error

Hi there! Here is a scenario that is happening every so often in my app:

  1. User authenticates (oauth2) our app to their site. Our app uses the token for further Webflow api calls.
  2. User wants to add the app to more sites, but ends up also selecting the same site from step 1) during the authentication process.
  3. We then sometimes get a 401 error (“Provided access token is invalid or does not have access to requested resource”) when making api calls with the token from step 1).

Do tokens expire when an a user authorizes an app multiple times on one Webflow site? If there are multiple tokens for one site, should I just always use the newest one?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also curious about token expiration! Is there a way to revoke or destroy a token?

can someone please answer this question i have been trying for a week now to connect webflow forms to mailchimp and it is impossible.