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To all the DEVELOPERS out there

I have just recently launched a website where I’m using ‘Buy Now’ buttons from shopify for products on my website. I would also like a currency converter on my website and I found a good supplier of one - I’m just not quite ‘equipped’ enough in the coding area to figure out HOW to fully implement it on my website.

The currency converter I would like to use is here:
Though I know how to paste the code to a page - I’m not sure what code I have to add to my ‘buy now’ button codes to make it all work. This is a little bit over my head.

Is there any developers out there who may be able to figure out to implement the currency converter on my Webflow site? If so, I may just employ your services.
This currency converter is free to use - so you can start your own account if you like and have look into it and get back to me.

Here is the read-only-preview website link:

I would like the converter to work like it does on this website:

Would love to know if there are any developers out there who can help me!

Thank you : )

What shopping cart are you planning to use?

It doesn’t look like Shopify is on the list of supported cart experiences. Are you looking to rewrite for another platform, like Webflow’s native eCommerce processing?

That’d be an interesting undertaking I’d consider if so, if only to be the first coder to build it. :slight_smile:

Hi there Ruby,

I’m planning to stay with the ‘Buy now’ Button from shopify. So I realise this is writing code for the first time.

I’m hoping to possibly engage a coder just to do it for one page and create the code, so that I can just copy and paste it on the rest of the website myself. I just need someone to write it and give me some guidance. Do you think this is something you could possibly do?

If so - please email me at: with a quote! Who knows you may be able to pass it onto this converter currency for something : )

Let me know : )

Hey Krystle,
I can help. Please check your PM.

Aloha Krystle,

Here’s a free solution you could possibly use (found in their documentation), which doesn’t require any difficult Javascript coding. Add this to the top of each of your Embedded Scripts, above the embedded div element:

<span id="convert" amount="30.00"></span>

That span will inter-operate with the DynamicConverter code segment that should be Embedded at the bottom of each Page, and display your currency conversions. (Obviously change 30.00 to the price of each item in your Shopify store). You may need to tweak your DynamicConverter settings to turn off “print base amount”, and set “same currency display” to “show”, in order for the converted text to behave as I’d intend.

The tricky part (an ugly hack, which is why I’m giving this one for free), is you need to use some creative CSS stylings to reposition the span.convert tags over the Shopify Button’s price display… possibly with extra padding to completely block out the price that Shopify Button would display.

I offer that as a quick and dirty solution because the Shopify Button uses IFrames… which is not straight-forward to alter, and (because of CORS security-related issues) can become a painful rabbit-hole for the unexperienced coder.

If you would prefer a “properly coded” solution that always reflects the current prices as posted in Shopify (you wouldn’t need to enter price data in Shopify and again in Webflow), I can certainly take a deep-dive into the code and provide a modified version of Shopify’s “Buy Now” code to better support the DynamicCoverter solution directly.

I do lower-level coding (hence my “Ruby Jedi” handle), and prefer working on back-ends in Ruby or NodeJS; front-ends in Angular 4+; and absolutely excel when it comes to crafting middleware API solutions.

Feel free to inquire about this project (modified Shopify code), or any other difficult coding projects via email at .

-Laurence Lee

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for that dirty hack - I may need to use that in the interum… With editing the padding styles to show with the buy now button price - do I add the padding styles to the span tag (excuse my low coding knowlegde) or do I edit the css styles for that in Webflow?

It might be quicker and easier to add the styles directly to the span tag (in your embedded script block) for the first try, since it’s easy to navigate there to quickly make changes to see what looks best.

Once you’re happy with those settings, you can make it reusable by moving those styles into a style block that’s in your head block as described here:

ok that makes sense.
Is this the correct way to add the style?:

Have I don that correctly?

Try something like this for the style

style="background: #fff; position: relative; top: 455px; left: 145px; padding: 0 2em;"

… and work from there.

You’ll also need to make further adjustments for each of the additional Responsive breakpoints, like reducing the font size. Hope this all helps!


Thanks - that helps a lot, I’ll just have to figure out the break point issue.

I’m not a coder but as an illustrator and animator I like the layout of the site. Nice job. Nige, England.

Thank you for your feedback, Nige! : ) Would love to see some of you illustrators wearing my designs : p