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Thumbnail Gallery Image Questions

I am creating a page of thumbnail images using lightbox widgets. (Approx. 50 images)
I want to know the best way to create the thumbnails so I can “add” thumbnail images as needed.

Question 1
Should I create 1 row of thumbnails at a time and if I need more images just duplicate the row as needed? or is there a better way?

Question 2
How would you build this?

A. Would you use: (Section > Container > Column > Lightbox Widget) like the image above and then duplicate it all?


B. Would you use one “Section” for all 50 thumbnail images and then somehow stack “Containers” with “Columns” etc. I could use some advice as to how to best build this please!

Question 3
If I use columns inside of containers can I add a column without destroying the existing columns. So for e.g. If I have made a row of 4 columns (example above) with thumbnails can I add or subtract a column without destroying the existing columns?

Question 4
Last question. When “Link” images in Lightbox it creates a row of tiny thumbnails when the “Full-Size” image is open, but I want my images to link still but I don’t want the tiny preview images below the large image. Is there any way to remove these tiny thumbnails? I really find they are an eyesore. I know lot’s of other galleries allow you to click from image to image without having those tiny thumbnail images present. I really hope there is a way to remove them.

Surprised no on has chimed in here. Would love some help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I apologize that no one responded for 3 days!

The best way to do this is using Flexbox so you don’t have to deal with multiple columns. You can simply wrap child elements so when you add new images, they will shift to accommodate them wherever you add them.

You can learn more here

Let me know if you need any more detailed information.

Also check out the Flexbox game here, which helps to understand flexbox in a very hands on way.

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