This could TOTALLY be done in Webflow!

Just saw this, and my mind instantly started figuring out how I could accomplish the same effect in Webflow… I’m sure it could be done! I’m going to try it out on the next project that needs a gallery!


this can be done in webflow.

it would some effort though… specifically sliding the divs in and slide the page up.

beyond that… everything else should be straight forward.

neat concept.

would be interested to see the final.

with the interactions tool? YUP! :smile:

maybe try adding that in your next Community Challenge. :smile:

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@Revolution sliding the page up is just an interaction :wink: the divs in could be either a custom interactions slider or just use the slide trigger and have them offset initially with a move to origin :smile:

would be SUPER interesting to try and add this into the current community challenge don’t you think @PixelGeek?