The web designer kit doesnt match with the published site

When i create my site using the webflow builder, it shows the content being displayed with a certain width.

This certain width is different when i view the actual published site. The columns stretch longer, and the text stretches, and the whole affect is way different.

Is there any way for me to get the builder to reflect precisely what the actual published site will look like?

Please view a comparison by pasting this link in your browser window-

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That’s because your designer screen resolution is lower that in the browser. It is caused by designer toolbars on the left and right taking some of that space from your screen. The best practice is to use percentage (%) values to set positions or width/height of different objects. It won’t cause some stuff to overflow. Otherwise, you can use columns/rows to help you arrange stuff on the website. Remember to pick a position from Relative/Absolute/Fixed.

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