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The "I" vs "We" in terms of agency voicing. I need your help!

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone working as a freelancer or agency or both might have some insight into the differences in terms of clients when you structure the voicing of your agency as “I” (feelancer) vs “we” (agency). I am interested in the way that clients respond to each voicing. I am working with Webflow on a blog post about this and would like to interview anyone who has any particular insight into the topic. Thanks!

Hello @DFink,

my two cents on the topic would be that we (agency) sounds more expensive than I (freelancer). So for clients working with a limited budget the “we” might be a dealbreaker. On the other hand if the client has a relatively big budget the “we” is what makes more sense. So, in my experience whenever we (my agency) sends a proposal to a client we specify that we are a small agency that will be as convenient as a freelancer, with only one point of contact, but with most of the benefits of an agency, the experience of a designer, a developer, and a project manager. In other words, we tell the client that we are a small agency formed by freelancers with the experience of a big agency. I hope that helps.

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I like that. I especially like the last part. I feel like it’s more honest.