Text wrapping to second line randomly when it shouldn't

Anyone have an idea why my tagline in these screenshots renders differently on the same computer with the same screen size/resolution? Sometimes I go to the site and the text is all in one line…other times the text is wrapping to a second line. No change in the browser size.

Screenshot 1: http://cl.ly/0v3I2z1a1X3G
Screenshot 2: http://cl.ly/0K0S3B351o0x

Here is my share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/beachampionfoundation?preview=589e166b98f6f01d9c0325d250dc212e

Hi @dapitts08,
I noticed a light difference in font size/weight on this 2 screenshots. May it be a result of using REM measurements for that text? There is opinion, that REM is not so good controlled option.

You could try to change measurements option and see if this issue will appear again


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