Text size is being wonky

The big ‘what we do’ text looks fine in the designer mode, but once I see it in the preview mode; it gets larger and ends up pushing into the body text to the right. How do I put a max width on the text? It’s weird.

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I’m unable to find the text ‘what we do’ . Could you send a screenshot?

Hey! Thank you for trying to help! It’s in the second section of the page, with white and yellow letters over the first picture.

Hey! Checking if you saw this. Thank you for the help

There is probably an easier way for this put personally I would use some custom code for desktop!:

@media screen and (min-width: 992px) {
		font-size: min(7vw, 110px ) !important;

This code uses the min() function to set the font size to either 7vw or 110px , whichever is smaller. So if the viewport is very large, the font size will be limited to 110px , but if the viewport is small, the font size will be responsive and scale down to 7vw .

Here you can read more about min(), max() and clamp(). be aware that this is a relatively new function though. min(), max(), and clamp(): three logical CSS functions to use today