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Text overflowing on the right


For some reason however I try to make a simple text box (under about us / and then the text under “Scott”) the text overflows on the right randomly on some sentances. Can’t figure out what the problem is as I try all type of settings and it keeps happening anyway.

Here is my site:

Read only link:

Would really appreciate some help with this! :slight_smile:


Hi Scott - welcome :webflow_heart:

Share your read only link fir better assistance :slight_smile:

Hi Moshe!

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, not sure how I do that?


Hi Scott

Here is how to share

Awesome, thanks! here is the read only link (will also post it in my original post):

Hi It seems like it happen because you copied the text from other source that uses some hidden characters. see the image below that shows those characters. The way to solve the issue is to rewrite the paragraph.

Thanks! However it did not help. I even tried to empty cookies, log out and log in, removing everything and add it again, and then just write the paragraph from scratch - but it did not work.

Hi @scott

Sorry to read that it didn’t help :frowning:
Anyway, on My side it is working, I’ve recorded for you My screen.

Awesome, thank you so much! Now got it to work.