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Text Link Hover Does not fill entire Text Item

Anyone notice this glitch of sorts on text hover states?

It is most noticeable on the icons in the header.

It appears to be one pixel short of a full fill.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I can’t reproduce what you mention. Do you have a screenshot for us to take a look?

You got it!
It’s super minor, but I can reproduce it across chrome/safari on multiple devices. It’s on those three icons.

My main concern is the client brought it up. So I have to address it.

Using Icomoon icons.

Google Chrome @ Windows 8.1

For me it looks like a part of the facebook icon is cut out. Did you happen to change the icon height, icon-container height or hover-icon height? Could you please share a public link so we could take a look?

Most certainly!


You may be onto something. The icon is being cut-off by its parent class.