Text dissapears when you click on it or touch it while scrolling on phone

As the description says. On one specific page, the text disappears if I click on the text, or touch it while scrolling on mobile.

I completely rebuild the page, removed all of the codes, I am using same classes as everywhere else, I have no custom attribute set for “onclick” and I have the issue only on this specific page. All other pages are older build.

Any suggestion? Help? I am desperate.

EDIT: I figured out, that it happens only, when the there is white text on dark backrgound.

He is my published site
Here is my read only
And here is a screen recording in the action


There was some bug with the pressed state. Even though it was set to the correct colour and I did not change it whatsoever, it was taking the properties as it was set to the background colour. So I just updated it and that’s it.