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Text dissapears behind image when connected to a collection?

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with a text block which wont show on the page when connected to CMS. The text is there, as I see it when the page first loads on white screen or if I move the box onto blank space, I just can’t bring it forward in front of an image. The image which is connected to CMS works fine, I also have another page similar to this one with the same layout, and the text is in front of the image, perfectly fine.

I honestly can’t work it out…

I can’t share the site as it holds sensitive customer info, but I have attached screenshots of the settings. Any help would be appreciated…


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m probably way out of my depth here. But have you tried changing the position setting to relative and adjusting the z value?

I have! It needs to be set to absolute to overshadow the area. When you change it too relative it seperates itself.

Yeah I figured that was too simple to be helpful. haha, sorry! best of luck.

Appreciated all the same!

Will dragging the “text area” div block to be the first item inside your link block solve the issue? Thus the text div should be in front of the image div. Just wondering if it’s something simple like that, since you mention you have another similar page where it is working fine.

Yes, also tried making it the first item!, it doesn’t do anything.

Even tried giving it the same selector name as the one on the other page so it links and shares all the same settings and still nothing… Not possible…

@MartyMcFly Can you share a read-only link of your project?

Can you share you settings from “Div Block 7” and “Text Area”?

Sure, here you go.

It’s only “Text Block 23” that disappears?

23 and 24. Neither will appear.

And the settings of “image 18” and “image 19”