Text Cut on 3D Rotation

Hello Team Webflow!

Fantastic job on the 3D transforms, there is so much potential that it is overwhelming. So, I tried to make a div holding some text have a 3D rotation. I set the X to 90 degrees and to rotate to its origin. Well, it cuts the text and the effect is glitched.

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4KopBjODN_qamVvZHp6MXZPaW8/view

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+1 to this! I’m also having this issue! It cuts the top of text off, only on iOS devices when the 3Dcss transforms back to origin. For me, it also sometimes (not always for some reason) will cut off the ENTIRE Div block being transformed. Again, only on iOS devices.

3D transforms are located on the ‘Main’ Page under each section behind the peppermint bottle.

Some more information:

I’ve observed this same behavior.

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