Hovering Rotated Objects In X-Ray Mode

What type of rotation are you using? What element type is it? What browser?

This is how a 90º rotation (transform Z) looks over here on Chrome OS X for a text block, X-Ray Mode enabled:

sorry should have included all that I just assumed it was a bug everywhere my bad. It’s always done this for me since I have been using Webflow for a week now.

there is a a Div that is positioned relative
-90 transform Z
chrome, windows 7
x-ray mode

Inside this Div is the button which doesn’t show the x-ray rotation

OK while typing this I think I just figured out the bug. The button is not rotated, it is just inside a div that is rotated and that’s why.Thanks for causing me to use my brain and figure this one out @McGuire!

boom, bam, pow!

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