Text Blocking Hover Over Effect On Image

Hi webflow experts, currently i have a site with a section containing some categories block with a hover over effect. At the current moment it is working as intended however I wish to have the text displayed before and after hover animation.

Upon trying that I noticed that after modifying the z-index of the text element to move it up front, upon mouse hovering the effect immediately stop working when my mouse hovered around the “text” area.

I have tried the (pointer-events:none;) method but apparently it is not working for me (or i might have tried it wrongly) I have attached some images and display link below for better reference.

(Webflow - Diamond Business Club)

Ideally the text “RARE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITES” should appear before and after the hover animation.

hi @Ong_Ting_Jun here is one way how it can be done.

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Hi Stan, thanks a lot for the detailed steps it works :smiley: