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Taking 50/50 Columns on Desktop and stacking them 100/100 on mobile

Hi, I’m new to webflow and looking to take my 50/50 columns from desktop and stack them on mobile. I have an image in one column and the other is an image, header, and text. Maintaining this 50/50 view on mobile is feeling very tight. Any way to have the image in column one stack on top of the content in column 2, or are columns not the right approach here?

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Hey @Vincent-B, welcome to the forum!

With your columns selected, head over to the Element Settings for your Columns. Then you can select that you want your columns to go full width on certain break points.

The alternative is to use Flex Box. You can then also re-order the columns, and have a lot more flexibility.

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Hey Drew, Thanks so much for the quick response. I actually have my columns within a container utilizing flexbox. Maybe that’s my issue?