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Tabs shifting up when content length isn't uniform

Can anyone help me to figure out how to not have the tabs shift up when “2018” is clicked? How do I force the content to push down rather than push up? All the other tabs (2002-2015 have the same length of paragraphs, 2018 has 2 additional lines of text in the paragraph). Thanks!
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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @itsmeblake,

Your read-only link is not working. can you try sharing your site again?

So sorry, thought I could share the URL to a specific page with sharing turned on…

Here’s the proper link:

The example is on the page “Test”

Here’s the link to the specific page, not sure if this will work now.

Only a read-only link to a project will work… no links to specific pages :slight_smile:

So, your tabs element has no height, and is a child of a flex element with align:centre and justify:middle. That means that the tabs element will always keep its own centre point at the same place as its parent’s centre point. So when it’s own height changes, the centre point also changes, which makes it shift up or down.

One solution will be to give the tabs element or the ‘TimelineWrapper’ element a constant height. Another solution will be to change the parent align:start and give top padding

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