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Tab Link Hover + Current State


So I’ve been playing with the tabs for a while. For 3 states of a tab link: non-current, hover, and current, I tried to style it differently.

I’ve tried to use ‘hover’ state that allows me to change background, but definitely not the text block within. I’ve created hover interactions which lets original black text block disappears, and a new pink colored one emerge. Now my question is, how might I make that hover effect stay when click into current state?

It seems impossible to style the text block in it while at CURRENT state…should I create a click interaction similar to the hover interaction? or is there a more convenient trick I don’t know about?

Thank you!

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Hey @newnewbie

Made you another quick video:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Brando,

Thank you! This definitely helps!

I previously tried to use INTERACTION, added a div block on the tab to contain a second layers of text and image; and set two triggers: hover and tabs, but unfortunately it only executes the hover effect, not the tabs. For now I’ll just remove all interactions, set the text block to the match original background color, and use hover & current-state.

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