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Tab content copying across all tabs

Hi everyone,

I have created a tab on my website’s ‘Facilities’ page. Tab pane 1 has an interactive map I created. When I try and add content to tab pane 2 I find that the tab pane 1 content is still in there (except with no opacity). Please, could you advise on how to ensure tab pane 2 is free of any other content.

You may notice that within tab 1 I created the interactive map. Each area of the map triggers a pop out with an image slider i created from scratch. I couldn’t use a normal slider as it was creating a LOT of problems. Hence this page seems to be very buggy, and potentially contributing to this odd tab behaviour. But maybe not the reason! Just a heads up.

I would very much appreciate any help on this matter.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Remove this class
Tab Pane Tab 1 4 (from Tab Pane [tab 1] - will fix the problem.

Also tab 2 is empty (Why?)

Ahhh, that’s great. Always something so simple.

Thanks @Siton_Systems

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