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Symbols: navigation symbol looks different on other pages

Ive created a navbar symbol from the nav i created on the home page.

Here the logo is centered vertically in the navbar

Then i dragged the navbar symbol over into the About page, but the logo seems to have lost its top padding.

Any ideas why?

Here is my public share link:



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This problem can be a bit tricky.

There is a link around your logo. On the home page that link has a class and a current class added to it automatically by Webflow.

Your padding is set to the current state of the link. That link on the about page isn’t current so it looses the current class and the padding that comes along with it.

Remove the padding from the link while it is current and style the base class on the about page. Or remove the link destination from the logo until you have the design they way you like it.

Hope that helps :smile:


That worked beautifully, Alex. An a nice clear explanation as well. Thanks!

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