Symbols: Editing more specifically

Hello all,

I see there is a lot of hype around sysmbols. I thought I would give it a try. I actually downloaded a project that had it set up already just to get an idea of what I was working with and how it was set up “properly”. However, the contact page is sort of backdrop. When you click the contact page from the menu bar it does not allow editing. The only editing that I can do is when I click on the symbol and hit the pen it allows me to change the name, but I want to change the information that it in the symbol ie, contact information, etc.

Is there anyone else having these difficulties or is there something little I am missing?


could you provide some more information about what you’re trying to achieve?
Sharing your read only link would also help a lot.

Maybe provide some screenshots of what information you’re trying to change.

The problem lies in the contact page. I need to edit with other information (new to all this and still trying to sort it out). The contact pops up from the bottom with relevant information, however, I can’t seem to figure out where to start editing. Please see the attached link.

@ryanhunter06 Have you tried to double-click symbol on the canvas? That’s the primary way of editing the root symbol in Webflow - once you change it in one place, it changes everywhere else :slight_smile:

I have. Because the symbol is part of slide up from the bottom system, prompted when you click on the “contact” page at the top, I can’t figure out where to find it in order to click on it to start editing process.

If I’m following you’re trying to edit the footer that appears when the contact link is clicked.

For some reason there seems to be two footer symbols. You probably don’t need both.

YAHOOO! Thank you. It was something little that I was just not aware of. Cheers.